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 Justina Lee Black

Born in Detroit and inspired by early Rock legends of the '70s, Justina grew up swooning along with her radio and playing guitar in her friends basements not realizing her natural talent which lead her to the stage. Her silky-smooth vocals gained strength at a young age in an award winning choir, then molded in time by many inspiring mentors who walked through the path of her life. Her writing ability comes from her heart to the listeners, through timeless stories and beautiful melodies. Living and performing in Las Vegas was one of many dreams that came true for Justina in 2008-11.  The Big Bright lights of the City was a wonderful and memorable experience performing in as a duo with "Black and Wilde" and also the band "MERLOT". But nature is really where its at for this Pisces girl, born on George Harrison's birthday. A life long dream of living by the ocean manifested when she bought her dream house in the Florida Keys. Her home by the sea is where she goes for peace and inspiration, but the Big D will always be her true home. Full Circle now in 2017, Justina is Back in Detroit to work on a new solo project called "The Road Ahead". Justina is performing around the Metro Detroit area rekindling with old friends and building new ones through the natural love for others she shares.